Sun Nov 18 Games Previews at Martin van Buren

After some unfortunate circumstances we have been game-less in over a week now, and we are all fiending for some cbl30 basketball and drama! Let’s see what games are getting us back into game mode…

Here are the previews for Sunday November 18, 2018 at Martin van Buren HS:

At MVB (Sun. Nov 18). Refs: Mike, and Greg, Site Coordinator: SJ

Game One: Blazers (4-1) vs The Family (2-4) @ 650 pm:
We start the night with an exciting game between the Blazers and Family. These teams are as close as they come in matchups with Ryan vs Marion, Jerry vs Tyrone, and Anson vs Brandon this one will definitely come down to the wire. The game changing factor here will be the contribution from Blog and Tremell. Whomever between these two can create the crucial offensive moves and defensive stops will give their team the edge that will give them the W this week. If Blog can refrain from getting thrown out of the game I think the Blazers are very likely to join the 5-1 crew at the top of the standings.
Score Prediction: Blazers (52), Family (45)

Game Two: Primetime (1-5) vs Sons of Kalifah (2-3) @ 7:50 pm:
Our next game could be the proverbial dagger to the puzzle of a Primetime team the ambitious Wais has put together. The team, although bursting with talent in every position, has not been able to pull out a W against any team except against Uncle Drew which some could argue is one of the best teams this season with leader Liander in control. Sons of Kalifah on the other hand has been a strong contender this season with the dynamic team that their captain Taco has put together. If they can get their full team to show up, Andre, Sarfaraz, and Jose should easily combat the undersized fragmented Primetime squad. Looks like the talented Zo is a waste on this team; maybe there’s a support group him and Melo can join together to deal with being ruined by NY teams.
Score Prediction: Primetime (61), SOK (67)

Game Three: Tropics (1-4) vs Priscilla Panthers (2-2) @ 8:50 pm:
We end our night with possibly a very depressing outcome where Sy may attain his second win of the season! What has the world come to? After an unforgettable first impression by Ant and Phil bringing Sy his first win of the season, it is hard to expect another underperformance from a fully rostered Tropics team. Priscilla Panthers however will definitely not go down without a fight with “never backs down” Muzz leading the way. If Chris and Sheehan can hold down Ant and the paint while Atif and young Muzzy can keep up with the Tropics “shoot first think later” offense this game might have some hope after all. Only time will tell!
Score Prediction: Tropics (56), Priscilla Panthers (53)

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