Round 1 Continues…..

Here we end our last night of the quarterfinals! Tonight will definitely be exciting with a wild card game, and then a back to back Samad show, that ultimately ends with Sy going home crying. Everyone make sure to come out and bring your cameras and some popcorn because this will be a good night!

Here are the previews for Sunday, February 10, 2019 at MVB:

At MVB (Sun. Feb 10). Refs: Mike, and Ira, Site Coordinator: SJ

Game One: SOK vs Primetime, 7pm
Our wildcard game of the season will be between the killer Sons of Kalifah and the scrappy never can count them out, Primetime! This one will be a very interesting game that will bring the winning team to a game immediately afterwards against Uncle Drew. Now this season has been very tough for both of these teams with game-changing attendance issues, roster changes, and rule disputes, however they have fought their way to this wild card game. SOK will come in strong hopefully tonight with Taquito bringing a full squad to battle. Safaraz and Kevin will have to lead this team tonight in effective game play to use Andre Jose and Goppy to their fullest potential since they do have the size advantage against Primetime. However, Primetime has Zo Kareem at the reins with a team that can run and hustle and outplay the size disadvantage with their hustle and heart. The outcome of this game at the end of it will be determined by Abdel who leads his team in assists and points for the season. He has taken the extra step of getting rid of the hair to try and be as quick as Taco, only time will tell if it is enough to stop SOK and shut up their annoying fan in the stands.
Score Prediction: SOK (45), Primetime (50)

Game Two: Uncle Drew vs Winner, 8pm
Uncle Drew has been one of the favorites to win this season with their most important criteria being that they have a Samad on the team. The triple threat of Mike, Taha, and Saleh also help to bring in size, speed, and a dangerous offense to the mix as well. They also have the extra advantage of playing a tired wild card winner who will have to keep up with this face paced team. During the season though, Primetime did beat them and SOK had only lost by one point to them in a heart breaking loss, so they definitely can’t expect a walk in the park. But let’s be real, a walk in the park would be exhausting for Zia anyway, so expect a good fight in this game to the end. But at the end of the day I think the back to back game will be too much for either wild card team.
Score Prediction: Uncle Drew (67), WC (50)

Game Three: Autobots vs Tropics, 9pm
We end the night with the long awaited defeat we have been looking forward to all season long. Sys Fruitcup Tropics. This poor team has followed Sys promises to a monster team and a chip but their false hopes will end tonight against yet another Samad. The Autobots have come in strong with Stan Darnel and Saffi being the triple threat, however the real killer in this game will be Fahad and his lights out shooting. Ever since he has picked the Tropics he has been preparing for this sweet better than any chip defeat of Sy and having the pleasure of being able to knock him out of the playoffs. This game will end up being a shootout between Fahad and Sy but at the end of the day we will see who the better shooter really is. Sorry fruitcup, looks like your time is finally up.
Score Prediction: Autobots (90), Tropics (45)

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