Previews Week 6 – Tropics go for two-in-a-row while the Champs are up against the wall

The much awaited week 6 has finally arrived with some entertaining matchups to look forward to. With only one day of games this week, let’s all show up and make it a good one!


Here are the previews for Thursday November 15, 2018 at RFK:

At RFK (Thurs. Nov 15). Refs: Mike, and Greg, Site Coordinator: SJ


Game One: OGz (3-1) vs Eagles (1-3) @ 7:50pm, RFK.

The Eagles have definitely looked forward to this matchup to redeem themselves from the past three losses against a competitive OGz squad. What better way to get back in the groove than beating a very…let’s say “vocal”… OGz, who have been on a roll and thus far had very little reason to stay quiet. This matchup will be a pure matchup of offense vs defense with the talented Adam and Azal leading the Eagles team and Silvio and Mir holding down the OGz. If the Eagles can finally get their full team to show up to a game, maybe the incredible efforts of Thomas and Adam can be awarded with a W this week. Otherwise, Kamil and Farooq will have another team crossed off their hit list and a record that very few people can argue against.

Score Prediction: OGz (56), Eagles (51)

Game Two: Blazers (4-1) vs Primetime (1-5) @ 8:50pm, RFK.

Next comes the entertaining Blazers team who have been able to compete and finish well thus far against the so far underwhelming Primetime team who basically…has not. Nevertheless this will be a fun matchup where Primetime will have to bring everything they’ve got to compete. Will Zo be able to bring out the best in his teammates this week? Will Abdel be able to control himself against Mike’s calls? Will Wais be able to finish a layup on Blog? These are all very important questions that will need to be answered to see if Primetime will be able to compete against the dynamic Blazers with Jerry Ryan Anson Ron and Blog that will put up a hell of a fight. This crucial matchup is a fight for pride for Primetime and the outcome will determine whether or not this team can show their face again with any purpose in this league.

Score Prediction: Blazers (65), Primetime (48)

Game Three: Uncle Drew (5-1) vs Tropics (1-4) @ 9:50pm, RFK.

The Tropics have a win?! The world must be ending! We finally have a matchup gentlemen. Thursday night ends with the exciting game between Liander and Ant, the battle everyone has been waiting to see. Now that Sy’s imaginary friends have finally shown up, the Tropics have an actual shot at competing. Mike offense vs Ant defense, Taha moves vs Phil moves, Saleh atrocity vs Sy atrocity. What can we expect to happen in this matchup, no one can truly know! All I can say is everyone should come out and watch this entertaining game and see the reason behind the hype of Mike vs Ant. Despite everyone rooting against Sy, his ruthlessness might actually make the Tropics a force to be reckoned with.

Score Prediction: Uncle Drew (62), Tropics (61)

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