Playoffs! Rd 1

After thirteen hard fought season games, almost twenty patiently awaited weeks, and dealing with one questionable commissioner, nine teams have made it through to this post season week to fight for their playoff lives! Who will make it through to the next round and who will have to join the losers’ spectator circle?

Here are the previews for Thursday, February 7, 2019 at RFK:

At RFK (Thurs. Feb. 7). Refs: Mike, and Greg, Site Coordinator: SJ

Game One@ 8:55 pm: Imaan (7-6) vs OGZ (7-6)

The first two teams that are entering into the elimination chamber for these playoffs are Imaan and OGz, that is, if OGz don’t disappoint by not showing up again. Kamil has already been knocked out of one league this week, will he show up to go 2 for 2? Only time will tell. Both teams have had a solid season with a 7-6 record and honestly this game could go either way. Imaan although overall has a very well experienced team, Terrence has been the money maker leading the team in points and assists just about every game. With Terrence running the floor, Cire down low for the rebounds, all they need is for everyone else to hit their occasional three to close this game off. OGz definitely won’t go down without a fight though with Silvio and Mir running the paint, Rahi running the floor, and Kamil and Farooq running their mouths, at the very least they may just annoy the other team off the court.

Score Prediction: Imaan (56), OGz (45)

 Game Two:@ 10:00 pm: Blazers (10-3) vs Decepticons (6-7)

We will be ending our Thursday night with this fast paced game between the Blazers and Decepticons. The last time these two faced each other it was a close game that ended with a comeback heart-breaker three by Anson giving the Decepticons a loss after being up 6 with just 30 seconds left in the game. So we know that this game will be a nail-biter as well with both teams coming on strong from the get go. ManBeast is coming in hot today after having just stolen his way to a W in one playoff game this week already. However, Moe will be the X factor for the Decepticons this game with his clutch threes. If he can hit them today, this team will be able to keep up with the high scoring Blazers. Ryan and Jerry have been pretty consistently unstoppable this season and if they can get big performances from Anson and Noel again there is no chance for the commissioner to scream his way out of this loss.

 Score Prediction: Blazers (65), Decepticons (58)

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