Nov 29 and Dec 2 Games – The weather outside is frightful

With over a week long break let’s hope everyone is ready for an action packed weekend of comedy, suspense, heartbreak, and a little basketball. Read and see what you have to look forward to this week!


Here are the previews for Thursday, November 29, 2018 at RFK:

At RFK (Thurs. Nov. 29). Refs: Mike, and Greg, Site Coordinator: SJ

Thursday Game One: Eagles (1-3) vs Uncle Drew (5-1)

Thursday starts with a three point shoot between Adam and Mike that should be an entertaining sight to see. Although their records suggest that this might be an uneven matchup, the Eagles actually have some great weapons that Uncle Drew should look out for. Both teams have great key players but this matchup will be won by the effectiveness of Thomas and Saleh this game. Whoever out of these two can contribute more will bring their team victory. I think the Eagles are going to come out strong against the 5-1 Uncle Drew to bring them their second win of the season.

Score Prediction: Eagles (67), Uncle Drew (60)

Thursday Game Two: Autobots (5-1) vs OGz (3-1)

We see another 5-1 team on Thursday night with the matchup of Autobots against the OGz. Stanley vs Sylvio, Darnel vs Rahi, Saffi vs Wisame, all great matchups to look forward to but the real show of the night will be the epic Fahad vs Farooq matchup we have all been waiting to see. With such great trash talking, award deserving flopping, and “never knowing if it will be an airball or a swish” threes from both of them there is no doubt this game will be a real nail biter. Everyone be sure to come with their cameras, maybe break out your old camcorders and polaroids so they don’t get scared, and make sure you capture every moment of this exciting game.

Score Prediction: Autobots (54), OGz (48)

Thursday Game Three: Decepticons (2-3) vs Imaan (2-2)

We end our night with what I expect to be a blowout of a game with Cire and Kowasi owning the paint against Bear and Mahdi while Ryan is probably busy auditioning for the new Life Alert commercial somewhere. The Decepts only hope is if Omar Ibrahim does what he does best and sabotages his own team and gives Decepticons the win.  But other than that it seems like a longshot for Mahdi and Moe B to keep up with the Imaan offense.

Score Prediction: Decepticons (45), Imaan (61)


Here are the previews for Sunday December 2, 2018 at RFK:

At MVB (Sun. Dec. 2). Refs: Mike, and Greg, Site Coordinator: SJ


Sunday Game One: Imaan (2-2) vs Blazers (5-1)

Sunday starts off with Thursday nights closing team Imaan, possibly coming off a hot game against the strong 5-1 Blazers. This will be a very different matchup for them with very little room for error against Jerry and Ryan who are ready to convert every sloppy pass into a score. They will have a lot of hustle like always but will Anson and Jerry be enough size down low to stop Cire and Kowasi? It is very possible that Imaan goes on a roll this week and comes out 4-2 just like that.

Score Prediction: Imaan (55), Blazers (51)

Sunday Game Two: OGz (3-1) vs Uncle Drew (5-1)

Another recurrence of teams on Sunday with OGz and Uncle Drew playing each other which will be interesting to see. What to expect from these games will actually be affected by the Thursday games. Will Liander have quit by this game after Saleh misses a wide open layup? Will Farooq be too sore from flopping too hard to play? Will Kamil be taken back to the Mesozoic era after doing the phone home signal one too many times while shooting? All these things will affect how this game will go. But I think at the end of the day the OGz secret weapon, Wisame, will bring them another W and make up for the devastating loss to the Autobots on Thursday.

Score Prediction: OGz (66), Uncle Drew (64)

Sunday Game Three: Tropics (2-4) vs Primetime (1-6)

The Sunday night games end with the entertaining Ant squad against the hopeless Primetime team. Hard to expect the 1-6 Primetime to come out with a victory against Ant and Phil but hey, they beat Liander squad and have been within 6 in all of their games so you never know. The key to the Primetime’s win will be on Apron this week who will have to lock down Ant on defense and step into a more active offensive role that will bring help put Primetime over the top along with the already prevalent contributions from Zo and Ali. It seems unlikely but we all love to see a defeated Sayem so let’s hope for a miracle here.

Score Prediction: Tropics (65), Primetime (48)

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