Flex Week 2

Flex Week 2 has finally arrived and these matchups are going to be sicker than the can they had to pull out of Kamil last week.  A sibling rivalry match, a revenge seeking pride game, and a win or go home fight to the finish, all in one day just to start us off this week! Let’s see what we have to look forward to for the last week of this CBL 30 regular season.

Here are the previews for Sunday, January 27, 2019 At MVB (Sun. Jan. 27th). Refs: Mike, and Greg, Site Coordinator: Tayeb


Sunday Game One: Autobots (10-2) vs Uncle Drew (10-2)

Wow! We start off this exciting Flex week with not only the battle for first seed, but also the battle of the Samad brothers! These brothers are living proof that strength, speed, height, IQ, or even talent is not necessary to succeed in basketball. As long as you know how to work the system and get the right team around you, you can definitely be a winner! With a couple superstars like Stan/Darnell and Mike/Taha and then some underrated (for the right price) legs like Saleh and Saffi, not only can you win games but you can even chuck as many threes as you want while doing it. How inspiring! Although this matchup is as close as you can get to even, there are some rumors that Taha is resting this game and Mike is only playing if Farooq guards him…so I think there is a good chance that the Samad named Fahad will be winning this one.
Score Prediction: Autobots (57), Uncle Drew (56)

Sunday Game Two: Priscilla Panthers (4-8) vs Primetime (4-8)

After watching the best of the best, only fit to watch the worst of the worst battle it out to see who will make it to a wild card game to try and redeem their horrifying seasons with a comeback. After last week’s heartbreaking loss to Decepts, PP will come ready to put up a fight against the Abdel-less Primetime. At the first game of the season these two battled it out and Muzz hit the game winning three at the buzzer to start off Primetime’s sad downward spiral. However, Wais claims to be coming with vengeance and gusto with a ready team to not let Muzz beat them this time. Perhaps these young guns will be able to pull out this win and make a miraculous comeback.

Score Prediction: Priscilla Panthers (43), Primetime (46)

Sunday Game Three: OGZ (7-5) vs Tropics (5-7)

We end off our night with this almost season long-awaited rematch of the biggest scammers in the league. At their first matchup Sy was embarrassed by Farooq and Kamil and promised that flex week would be a different story! Unfortunately, the long-awaited flex week has arrived and nothing seems to have changed between these two teams. Sy has the same sad and confused Tropics team that is still having secret meetings trying to figure out how Sy drugged them into agreeing to play on this team, while the OGz still have Farooq smack talking like it’ll bring his hair back and Kamil with something stuck between his buns. Sadly, nothing has changed, and neither will the outcome of this game.
Score Prediction: OGZ (75), Tropics (53)


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