Flex Week 2 Continues – Thursday, January 31, 2019, Taco Ready

At RFK (Thurs. Jan. 31st). Refs: Mike, and Ira, Site Coordinator: SJ


Thursday Game One: Blazers (9-3) vs Imaan (7-5)

We start off Thursday with this thriller between two teams that have a lot of athletic ability but some inconsistency in using it. Blazers have just come off a tough loss even though Jerry made a great effort to keep them alive, it just wasn’t enough against Mike the maniac killing all their hopes of getting first seed. However perhaps if they have their full squad this week they can pull out a win to end the season off strong. On the other hand, Imaan killed it last week and is coming in with great confidence this week. If Terrence can keep dishing the ball the way he’s been doing it, it will be very tough for the Blazers to keep up. Be ready to experience déjà vu from the last time they faced each other and Imaan shut them down.

Score Prediction: Blazers (53), Imaan (62)


Thursday Game Two: Decepticons (5-7) vs SOK (6-6)

We end our season with this matchup between the Commish and Senor Taco himself in a face off to avoid an extremely harder road to the chip game. SOK has had a very hard time getting a full team to show up which has cost them some very winnable games so if they continue that way it will be very hard for them to pull out this win as well. However if they can get their new pickup of the season, Kevin Singh, to be at the game they might have the PG they need to make complete their team. Decepticons on the other hand, is coming off a nail biting win to secure their spot in the playoffs last week. From Mahdi killing in the paint, ManBeast killing with the looks, and Ryan killing the floor (literally breaking it), all around they will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. The Decepticons started off the season crushing Taco and his Iquitos and they will end the season in a different way however.  GO TACO.

Score Prediction: Decepticons (55), SOK (57)


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