Flex Week 1 Continues –

It is now the last set of games for Flex 1.  An exciting showdown awaits to see who will be at the top and who will be at the bottom of the possible playoff team scenario before FlexWeek 2 matchups occur. Let us see what possibilities await us with these final games…

Here are the previews for Thursday, January 24, 2019 at RFK:

At RFK (Thurs. Jan. 24th). Refs: Mike, and Greg, Site Coordinator: SJ

Thursday Game One: Blazers (9-2) vs Uncle Drew (9-2)

This game is going to be a fight to see who will get the spot at the top of the block right before flex week. Who will be able to take the spot from the Autobots? Will it be the Samad brothers left fighting it out during flex week or the running and gunning blazers taking everyone out? This game will be a shootout with Liander/Taha and Ryan/Jerry going lights out but the difference in the game will be the effectiveness that Saleh and Blog bring in the paint and on defense. However, Blazers big man Anson has been coming in clutch by being a threat from all angles so maybe he will come through again this game to bring the Blazers to the top.

Score Prediction: Blazers (69), Uncle Drew (67)

Thursday Game Two: Imaan (6-5) vs Tropics (5-6)

The rumor is that Sy has fell on the cut throat scissors that he has been using on his team all season and is now left Ant-less and very likely chip-less after his nonstop chatter of going from 0-4 to the chip game. Imaan will eat up what is left of the poor fruit cups this week leaving them in the same seeds they already are in. Their only chance is if Nafi is allowed back into the lineup after all these weeks to bring them a glimmer of hope. But even then, without Ant keeping Sy in his place (on the bench), there is no telling what will happen in this game. However Tariq will definitely not go down without a fight so look out this week for the breakout game everyone claims Tariq is no longer capable of. He might be able to get enough bengay on to put this team on his back and get this W. But then again, will Sy honestly give him the ball to do so? Probably not.

Score Prediction: Imaan (61), Tropics (58)

Thursday Game Three: Decepticons (4-7) vs Priscilla Panthers (4-7)

Here we have the battle between the worst of the best. The winner of this game will be confirming that they have a game to play after flex week and the loser will most likely be going on to a game to fight for a shot at the wild card game! ManBeast and Amrit have seemed to adjust their game to their extra winter hibernation weight and rediscovered what basketball is. These two will be ready to swish and dish knowing what is on the line here. Look for double and triple double games from both of them. And honestly the Priscilla panthers have been a complete mess with no communication or cohesiveness within their team. Looks like The Commish has a good shot at securing at least a wild card game after this week with ease. Little sus? Maybe, but hey when you have the power why not use it right?

Score Prediction: Decepticons (55), Priscilla Panthers (45)


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