Nov 29 and Dec 2 Games – The weather outside is frightful

With over a week long break let’s hope everyone is ready for an action packed weekend of comedy, suspense, heartbreak, and a little basketball. Read and see what you have to look forward to this week!   Here are the previews for Thursday, November 29, 2018 at RFK: At RFK (Thurs. Nov. 29). Refs: Mike, […]

Crescent Sports Community

Welcome to The Crescent Sports Community Page. This Section will be Used to Update our Members for the efforts taken by the Organization which serve the Community beyond sports. Please check back for updates. .

Sun Nov 18 Games Previews at Martin van Buren

After some unfortunate circumstances we have been game-less in over a week now, and we are all fiending for some cbl30 basketball and drama! Let’s see what games are getting us back into game mode… Here are the previews for Sunday November 18, 2018 at Martin van Buren HS: At MVB (Sun. Nov 18). Refs: […]

Previews Week 6 – Tropics go for two-in-a-row while the Champs are up against the wall

The much awaited week 6 has finally arrived with some entertaining matchups to look forward to. With only one day of games this week, let’s all show up and make it a good one!   Here are the previews for Thursday November 15, 2018 at RFK: At RFK (Thurs. Nov 15). Refs: Mike, and Greg, […]

Season 15 – Top 5 Noteworthy Stories So Far

1 – Tropics win-less after 4 games 2 – Eagles, defending champs won just one game 3 – Samad Bros dominate.  Teams led by Fahad (Autobots) and Zia (Unlce Drew) are on a crash collision to meet in Finals. 4 – The talent level is through the roof and everyone loves it. 5 – Fargo […]