Round 1 Continues…..

Here we end our last night of the quarterfinals! Tonight will definitely be exciting with a wild card game, and then a back to back Samad show, that ultimately ends with Sy going home crying. Everyone make sure to come out and bring your cameras and some popcorn because this will be a good night! […]

Playoffs! Rd 1

After thirteen hard fought season games, almost twenty patiently awaited weeks, and dealing with one questionable commissioner, nine teams have made it through to this post season week to fight for their playoff lives! Who will make it through to the next round and who will have to join the losers’ spectator circle? Here are […]

Flex Week 2 Continues – Thursday, January 31, 2019, Taco Ready

At RFK (Thurs. Jan. 31st). Refs: Mike, and Ira, Site Coordinator: SJ   Thursday Game One: Blazers (9-3) vs Imaan (7-5) We start off Thursday with this thriller between two teams that have a lot of athletic ability but some inconsistency in using it. Blazers have just come off a tough loss even though Jerry […]

Flex Week 2

Flex Week 2 has finally arrived and these matchups are going to be sicker than the can they had to pull out of Kamil last week.  A sibling rivalry match, a revenge seeking pride game, and a win or go home fight to the finish, all in one day just to start us off this […]

Flex Week 1 Continues –

It is now the last set of games for Flex 1.  An exciting showdown awaits to see who will be at the top and who will be at the bottom of the possible playoff team scenario before FlexWeek 2 matchups occur. Let us see what possibilities await us with these final games… Here are the […]